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NL Cares

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Would you like to volunteer during your studies without feeling tied down? NL Cares has the perfect solution: flexible volunteering! Sign up, or sign up together with your roommates, friends, or study club. We’ll connect you to people that need a helping hand, such as at-risk kids and youths, the elderly, migrants, the homeless, or people with disabilities.

You can start right away; we have inspiring activities for both Dutch and English-speaking volunteers!

With NL Cares, you can volunteer in your city or neighborhood whenever it suits you. There are no long-term obligations but instead short, meaningful activities with a big impact.

Our online platform has many volunteer activities in Amsterdam, The Hague, Rotterdam, and Utrecht. You can start right away: create your account via NLCares.nl, select your city, choose your date, and that’s it. You can instantly view a list of the many cool activities to choose from. You can teach refugees to ride a bike, hand out food at the food bank, or prepare pancakes for the elderly. There’s always something great to do. Did you like the job? Then we would love to see you again, whenever it suits you!

We also organize events that inspire people and ensure that everyone takes action. Night of the Volunteer, Olympic Sports Week, Social Cleanup, and Warm Winter Weeks, just a few of the large-scale events that make people happy and initiate social change. We organize these events for our current volunteers and to add new people to the club.

But don’t keep all of this to yourself! You can also make a big impact by signing up with your student association. Just contact Team Rotterdam at rotterdam@nlcares.nl. We’ll help you find the best activities for you and your fellow students!