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NL Cares

Hofplein 20

NL Cares is a lively organisation offering flexible volunteering opportunities.

If you want to volunteer during your studies, but you are not able to commit for a longer period, NL Cares offers the perfect solution: flexible volunteering! Sign up together with roommates, friends or study club. We connect you with people who could use a helping hand, such as at-risk kids and youths, elders, migrants, homeless people or people with a disability. Volunteering with NL Cares is starter-friendly and inspiring!

With NL Cares, you can volunteer in your city or neighborhood, whenever it is most convenient for you. No long-term obligations but instead short, meaningful activities with a big impact on a vulnerable citizen and yourself. It’s easy: find a job you like, register within one minute and sign up. Liked the job? Then we would love to see you again sometimes, but only if it suits you!