Destination Unknown

In a nutshell

Coolblue. It once started as a student company. Now, we’re the most customer-centric company in The Netherlands and Belgium, with our own stores, customer service, delivery service, installation service, and repair service. Since our founding in 1999, we’ve had only one goal: to make customers happy.


There are few companies where so many colleagues are also friends. That is our strength. Because friends only want the best for each other. Because together, we know more than we know alone. Because friends tell each other the truth. And because it’s fun.

Friendship is based on equality. That’s why ties are the least-worn pieces of clothing in the Coolblue office. Why Coolbluers tell each other what they really think. And why we talk to customers in an honest, open, and direct way.

Working at Coolblue

Kick off your academic year with a side job at Coolblue. With a flexible job in which you continuously learn, so that you develop yourself and your salary. Including colleagues that become friends for life.

Making customers happy as a delivery person, in our warehouse, in one of the stores or as a customer service employee. Working during the weekend or throughout the week. Besides, a side job at Coolblue is a springboard to your career. For instance, we offer colleagues internship possibilities or a starter job, after graduation.

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