Destination Unknown


Admiralengracht 52 H

Bad timing! Starting this year your new study, wasn’t the best plan of your life so far. But hey, you didn’t know that upfront, did you?

To make the best out of your time in the Netherlands, CJP (cultural youth card) came up with a great idea. With CJP you get to know the best cultural hotspots in town and on top of that, we make sure that you won’t pay too much. We know that studying is already expensive enough.

So how do you find the best cinemas, theatres and museums in town? By dating of course! Swipe through all the possible nearby venues and decide which one suits you the best. A little tip: bring a friend to double date. In this way you will not only get to know the city, but also your study mates.

By the way, the cultural dating app is in Dutch but that’s a good excuse to learn the most essential (flirting) words, right?

Start swiping!