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Are You Okay Out There? Platform

Ask: Are You Okay?

We feel it is important that you have a nice and fun start of your years as a student. You will meet new people that you enjoy going out with and eventually end up at the best (house) parties. Dancing, having a drink & flirting together: we are all looking forward to it! But of course we want to keep all this fun. Where one person likes to kiss a stranger, the other thinks that is going too far. Everyone’s boundary is different! And that’s totally okay. Keep an eye on your new friends. Do you think someone is being harassed? Or do you see unwanted sexual behaviour? Help the other person and ask ‘Are you okay?’ In this way we ensure a pleasant and fun student life, together.

Check www.benjeoke.nl for more info


House rules:

  • Unwanted Sexual Behaviour is not okay and not accepted in Rotterdam. When a student sexually harasses other students he or she is removed from the party and excluded from other activities during the introduction time
  • Do you see someone being harassed? Ask the question: Are you okay?
  • Always report sexual harassment by contacting the crew or the board.
  • Help needed? Call the Sexual Assault Centre for specialised help at 0800-0188 (24/7)



  • What precaution measures are taken by Eurekaweek to prevent sexual harassment or sexual violence? In Rotterdam we will take the following measurements in order to prevent sexual harassment from happening. Our house rules are clear and known by all students who participate at the Eurekaweek.
  • Who do you contact about sexual harassment or violence during the introduction week? Have you experienced sexual harassment or do you see someone‚Äôs being harassed? Always contact the crew or the board.
  • Do you need help? At the Sexual Assault Centre you will get specialised help. Call them at 0800-0188 (24/7). Or go to www.centrumseksueelgeweld.nl