Destination Unknown

Studentenpastoraat 010 is open to all students, regardless of your religious or secular background.

We all need a sense of where we are going in life. Normally we take our purpose for
granted, but sometimes our sense of orientation becomes uncertain. Daily routines
need to be refound, connecting to dear ones is important, and motivation is under
pressure. While these times are difficult to live through, they may also teach you
about what is most important to you.

The best investment in yourself is taking care of your spiritual wellbeing. Finding
your motivation, dealing with disappointments or loss contributes to personal
leadership. This will remain valuable long after. Awareness of your personal
inspiration helps you select a future employer worth your talent.

What participants to our activities say:
‘You can speak freely. You are urged to start your personal learning process, which
really makes you grow. Taking charge of yourself… I really enjoyed it’.

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