Guide Committee

Guide Committee

The Guide Committee is an international team between 10-15 students who help the Commissioner of Participants & Guides with conducting the Guide interviews and creating the Guide training. Find out more below about the Guide Committee. 

What is the Guide Committee?

The Guide Committee will support the Commissioner of Participants & Guides of the Eurekaweek board. The Guides Committee is responsible for the recruitment and selection of more than 600 guides for the Eurekaweek. During the week, the guides are responsible for guiding the groups of participants.
In order for everything to run smoothly, it is important that the guides start the Eurekaweek well-informed, which is why all guides will participate in a training. As a committee member you are responsible for creating and organizing these training courses! In addition, as a member of the Guides Committee you can become a member of the Service Point team during the Eurekaweek, and you will help more than 4500 participants and the guides you interviewed with questions during the week.




Next year!

Each year the Eurekaweek Board recruits members for the Guide Committee. The Guide Committe is active from March till September with certain periods being more active than other periods. The Guide Committee has already been formed for Eurekaweek 2022, but keep an eye on this page and our socials for next year!

Being part of the Guide Committee and contributing to the biggest student event of Rotterdam, the Eurekaweek, is very rewarding to me. Together with my fellow committee members we conduct the guide interviews which is very fun and educational
I look forward on welcoming new students to the Eurekaweek!

Roos Coolen

Guide Committee

The Eurekaweek Guide Comittee consists of a team of enthusiastic and responsible members, who are involved in the recruitment, selection and training of guides. With pleasure and passion, we are committed to ensuring that the guides are well prepared to make the Eurekaweek a success for everyone. The social activities and participation in some of the Eurekaweek activities are the icing on the cake.

Laurens Burger

Guide Committee