Board of 2022

Board of 2022

Introducing your Eurekaweek Board 2022!

Chairwoman - Ty Nijbroek

Study: MSc Forensic Criminology
In the summer of 2018, my study life started with joining the Eurekaweek. In so doing, I immediately felt at home in Rotterdam, and I also became acquainted with my fellow students, the city of Rotterdam and the Erasmus University. All this combined resulted in the Eurekaweek being the flying start for a new, yet very pleasant, experience: student life.
Last year, I volunteered as a Board Assistant during the Eurekaweek. Because of this, I gained insight in what it entails to be a part of the Eurekaweek Board. Due to these two positive experiences, I knew I wanted nothing more than to be a part of the Eurekaweek board 2022 to give your student time as good a start as mine.
Meanwhile I am fulfilling the role of Chairwoman. In this function, I am responsible for overviewing everything, representing the board to the outside world, and taking care of my fellow board members.
My eight board members and I will do everything in our power to provide you with the best introduction week possible!
I’m looking forward to it, are you?

Treasurer - Susan Jansen

Study: MSc Accouting & Auditing
In the summer of 2017 I started my adventure in Rotterdam by participating in the Eurekaweek. During the week I got to know the city, the university and above all made amazing friends! Because of this awesome week I had decided to become a crew member in 2020 and help out again as board assistant in 2021. As a board assistant I was more involved in the weeks before the Eurekaweek. You get to see what it is like to organize this huge event which really sparked my interest to be part of the board!
As Treasurer I am responsible for all the financial aspects of the Eurekaweek. My responsibilities range from making budgets for different scenarios to managing the payment systems we use during the week. The best thing about my function is that you are constantly involved with all your fellow board members, because everyone has bills to pay.
Despite the uncertainty regarding the upcoming summer I am confident that together with the rest of my board we can organize an amazing week for all new students coming to Rotterdam. I hope to see you during the week in August!

Acquisition - Inge Straat

Study: BSc Business Administration
The first time I was introduced to the Eurekaweek was in 2019 as a guide. After the start of my studies in 2018, I still felt the need to get to know new people and specially to introduce these new students to the city, the university and student life. Because a start like Eurekaweek is like no other. A warm, challenging, and exciting start. That is what Eurekaweek offers the new students. Being a guide in 2019 had left an impression on me and had awakened a certain interest. For example, being a Board Assistant in 2021 definitely motivated me to apply for the Board!
This year, this challenge awaits me and eight others. Together with them, I embark on the wonderful adventure of giving students the time of their lives. The acquisition function is performed by two people, which makes you a real team. Together with Karst, I will be responsible for the acquisition. This means that you will enter partnerships and look for sponsors. In this way, you will be responsible for communicating with all the profit and non-profit organizations associated with Eurekaweek. This gives you the opportunity to get to know many organisations and to improve your communication skills. With great pleasure I will do my absolute best to welcome you in August in an unforgettable way!

Acquisition - Karst Nicolai

Study: BSc International Business Administration
Even though I thought Rotterdam might be a challenging city, for me it was an easy choice. To me, Rotterdam seemed like a big city where it would take me years to feel at home. Well, the Eurekaweek completely turned that around. The different events took me all over the city and within days I already knew my way around. But the Eurekaweek shows you more than just the city itself. It shows you everything that Rotterdam has to offer. Not just sights like Blaak, its cube houses and Kralingse Plas, but also the University, its Campus Woudestein and all study-, sports,- and student associations. The Eurekaweek sets you up for your student life at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam perfectly!
I experienced the Eurekaweek in almost every way so far. First as participant, the next year as guide and last year as crew member in Team Eureka. Now, it is up to me and my fellow board members organise it all. What a beautiful challenge! Together with my partner Inge, as Commissioner of Acquisition I am in charge of communication with all profit and non-profit partners of the Eurekaweek. Together with them, we make the Eurekaweek possible. This helps you gain experience in a professional environment and develop your communication skills. Over the next few months I will continue to give my all to make the unforgettable Eurekaweek happen. I hope to see you in August!

Internal Affairs - Vera Ariesen

Study: Bsc Business Administration
In 2018, I started my study Business Administration in Rotterdam. As I did not know many people who would go to this city as well, I thought it was quite exciting to start. Because of this, I decided to participate in the Eurekaweek. This week really helped me to get to know Rotterdam, to form friendships and discover what the university has to offer. This experience was so good that I became a guide in 2019 to offer the new students the same warm welcome as I experienced.
To be more involved in the organization, I was a board assistant in 2021. This was an unforgettable experience, which convinced me to become a board member myself this year. As Commissioner of Internal Affairs, I am responsible for the communication with all associations of the university, and it is my responsibility that these associations can present themselves during the Eurekaweek. I really like this position, because I can make sure that you know about the choice of associations and that you can register with what suits you. This way, you can develop yourself and get the best out of your student life.
I look forward to create an unforgettable week for you. See you in August!

Participants & Guides - Lars Jennissen

Study: BSc Business Administration
I did not hesitate about where I was going to study. I could not possibly resist a vibrant, modern and attractive city like Rotterdam. Full of motivation and eager for a new adventure, I started the Eurekaweek in the summer of 2019! I still like to think about this week, that marked the beginning of my time as a student. With a super nice group and a two wise guides I got to know the city, student life and the university within a week. During the week I immediately registered with various associations and organizations, and I have not regretted it for a moment. I became friends with some of my groupmates, and if I happen to meet people from my group in Rotterdam, we are guaranteed to have a nice conversation! Together with someone from my own Eurekaweek group, I decided to sign up as a guide last year.
Partly because of the great experience as a guide, I decided to take the chance and sign up for the new Eurekaweek board. In the function Participants & Guides I am responsible for ticket sales and contact with the participants before, during and after the week. I am also responsible for selecting more than 650 enthusiastic guides together who can provide the participants with a great week. Fortunately, I do not have to do this on my own. My Guide Committee will help me with this big and challenging task. I see this broad and varied position as a great challenge and I look forward to organizing the Eurekaweek this year.

Marketing - Laura Koolhoven

Study: BSc Management of International Social Challenges (MISOC)
In the year 2018 I started of my student life by participating in the Eurekaweek. I took part in the Eurekaweek to get to know the city of Rotterdam, but mostly to get to know my fellow students. At the beginning of the week I was really nervous about the new environment and people. Sitting in Ahoy during the opening ceremony made me feel that I was a part of something bigger. In order to get to know more about the organization behind the Eurekaweek I decided to become a board assistant in 2021. After this experience, it was clear for me that I wanted to become a board member for the Eurekaweek 2022.
Together with 8 other students we will be taking on this huge challenge of organising an unforgettable week together for over 4000 students. As a Marketing officer I am responsible for all online and offline promotion and communication of the Eurekaweek. Furthermore, I led a great Media Team that consists out of 16 students that will be creating content such as a podcast series and a magazine. I look forward to organizing the Eurekaweek and hope to give you the time of your life this summer!

Events & Logistics - Sven Bakhuizen

Study: MSc Finance & Investments
In 2018 I moved to Rotterdam without knowing anyone here. Right away I started my Eurekaweek adventure with a group of other participants who became great friends of mine during the week. After this amazing week we started our bachelors together and with great success. We are still in contact and have drinks every now and then. In the years afterwards I joined the Eurekaweek as a guide or crew member which gave countless memories just like my first year. After a summer of being a crew member I got motivated to join the Eurekaweek Board and organize the Eurekaweek for 2022!
This year, I will take on the challenge to create another great Eurekaweek. As Events & Logistics I am responsible for the maps of all locations and the content of the events. I therefore organize the events together with Thomas from Events & Crew and together we ensure that all events are arranged as intended. I am very excited to have another unforgettable Eurekaweek this year and I hope you all will create the fantastic memories just like I did.

Events & Crew - Thomas van der Wolde

Study: MSc Strategic Entrepreneurship
Whilst most people get to know the Eurekaweek when starting their Bachelor’s at the Erasmus University, I did when I started my Master’s here. I finished my bachelor in the city of Eindhoven, however, I was still missing the lively atmosphere that Rotterdam and its people have brought me. By participating in the Eurekaweek of 2020, I got to know a lot of new people, and most of all I got the chance to take on the opportunity of becoming a part of the Board of 2022.
Within the board I am responsible for the events and the crew. This entails that I have an overview of the most important events, such as the Opening Ceremony, Cantus and The Night of the Songs. Tasks include arranging the locations and booking the artists that will perform during the events. Moreover, I lead a team of around 90 crew members, all students themselves, to together create the most unforgettable week possible. I am excited to take on this challenge, and I look forward to giving you an unforgettable summer experience!