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Team Eureka

Join the Eurekaweek as a current student!


Do you want to support the Eurekaweek board during the preparations and during all activities in the Eurekaweek? The Eurekaweek is the perfect end to your summer, and the best way to start the new academic year. We offer several options to register as a volunteer. One of those options is to join a committee. You can also register as a guide or become part of the crew. More information about the different options can be found below.


Have you always wanted to be part of the organization of a large event and experience the backstage activities? Now is your chance! Help the Eurekaweek Board to make the Eurekaweek a big success. During the day, you will work in an enthusiastic team. Besides this you will have free access to all parties in the evening. Experience a fantastic week and make friends and memories for life!


Did you have a great Eurekaweek and would you like to experience this again? Become a guide during the Eurekaweek 2022 and mentor a group of participants together with your friend or study buddy. As a Guide, you’re responsible for making sure the students in your group have an unforgettable week. In this week they will lay the foundation for long lasting friendships and a successful academic career.

Media Committee

Do you enjoy making videos or editing? Are you drawn to marketing, social media, writing or design? Or do you dream of producing your own podcast? Then the media committee is something for you! Within this committee you are actively producing content for the offline-and online promotion of the Eurekaweek 2022. Besides this you will have free access to all parties in the evening. Experience a fantastic week and make friends and memories for life!

Guide Committee

The Eurekaweekboard 2022 is looking for enthousiastic committee members who are willing to help the board with the process of selecting, preparing, and supporting the guides! Are you familiar with (being a guide during) the Eurekaweek and would you like to be involved with the recruitment process of our guides? In that case, we want you!

Board Assistants

Help organise the Eurekaweek!

The Eurekaweek Board is looking for enthusiastic Board Assistants; students who will assist specific Eurekaweek Board members in the months before as well as during the Eurekaweek. Depending on which position you apply for this could involve being in touch with all student organisations, helping acquire sponsors for the Eurekaweek, or assisting in preparing each individual event in detail.

Becoming a Board Assistant is a great opportunity to experience what it is like to organise the Eurekaweek, and to leave your mark on the biggest student event in Rotterdam.

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