15 augustus 2022 - 18 augustus 2022

Erasmus Tech Community

Since 2017, the Erasmus Tech Community (ETC) has consistently pursued its mission to inspire and educate students from various backgrounds about disruptive technological changes occurring within society. As the largest student-led tech organization in Benelux, ETC actively collaborates with private-sector companies (such as Google, Microsoft & IBM) to organize events and workshops where experts share their insights on the latest technologies and trends

Students benefit from these events by acquiring new knowledge and demonstrating their existing talent to a wide network of potential future employers. Beyond large-scale conferences and tutorials, ETC also offers long-term learning formats, enabling students to gain a deeper understanding of a specific area of tech. Through such activities, we aim to prepare students to leverage their knowledge and skills in their future careers. Ultimately, our main goal is to enable our community members to become capable players in tomorrow’s tech-centric world!

ETC’s Consulting branch, Erasmus Tech Consulting, helps companies solve real-world business problems by connecting them to the bright talent available at Erasmus University. Launched in September 2020, our consultants are already working hard on several projects in multiple industries, including but not limited to Supply Chain, AI, IoT, E-Tendering, and Sustainability.

You can catch us during the Eurekaweek information market, where you can ask questions and play games to win fun prizes. To get involved, join our recruitment activities in September where we offer attractive positions in several committees.

Join us in our journey, and together lets: “Understand and Create tomorrow”.

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