15 augustus 2022 - 18 augustus 2022

Theme Eurekaweek

‘Discover (y)our Identity’

This is it.
This is where it all starts
The parties
The friendships
The alliances
The memories

In this city that breaths innovation,
where authentic power is celebrated…
EVERYTHING is possible

there will be big transformations and epic breakthroughs
and some scary dark corners to sharpen your senses

It won’t be all gold and sunshine and smiles and sparkles
and that’s fine
fuck ups are important

Good decisions come from experience
and experience comes from bad choices
Fail gloriously
and use it as a stepping stone to success

Life is not a problem to be solved
but an experience to be had
So dig in

Get out of your comfort zone
and let your curiosity be the fuel
Turn every stone
Open every door
and crush. every. insecurity.

Most importantly
Enjoy the hell out of it
and savour every moment

Because this is it…
This is where it all starts
The adventures
The victories
The discoveries of a lifetime.


This year’s theme is: “Discover (y)our Identity”. With this theme, we aim to emphasize that every student is unique and that the Eurekaweek marks the beginning of the student life; a period in which many students discover their identity and the identity of the city of Rotterdam.

Note that the “y” in (y)our identity is consciously written in between the brackets. In this way, we want to emphasize that students will not only discover and develop their own identity during their student life (Your identity), but also the identity of the city of Rotterdam and Erasmus University (Our identity).