15 augustus 2022 - 18 augustus 2022

The City Game: Identity Crisis

Identity Crisis is a special game with a compelling story that is told and played during the whole week and becomes even more cooler during your physical day in Rotterdam. The game combines classic game types such as table games, escape rooms, quests and alternative reality games to create a unique collective experience. Everything about knowing, defining, criticizing and developing (our) identity.

During this part you will encounter challenges, puzzles and time-limited objectives. You and your team have to be ruthlessly honest, vulnerable, witty and a little manipulative to bring the game to an exciting end. It will not always be easy. It will be hugely entertaining and rewarding. Great rewards await at the end.

The game will help you to discover your identity and of your group members. During the City game it will guide you from location to location. You earn points by completing as many missions as possible. One part of your physical programme is entirely devoted to identity crisis play to learn more about the main parts of the city. Will your group be the ultimate winner?

Please make sure to download the “Eurekaweek 2020” game from the Appstore before the start of the week to play the game!