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One of the focal points of the Eurekaweek is sustainability. Not only the university, but also the city of Rotterdam encourages sustainable initiatives. The Eurekaweek is eager to contribute to these efforts. Both during the week itself and in the preparations to the week, we strive to opt for the greenest and most sustainable option. We do this together with sustainability organizations from within the EUR and with other external parties. Although we have already taken some big steps towards making the Eurekaweek more sustainable this year, we are determined to keep on making improvements.   

What do we do? 

During the organisation of the Eurekaweek, we have incorporated sustainability into our preparations. For instance, all letters are printed on recycled paper and all printing is sustainable. We have also reduced our mailings by not sending any more paper mail to foreign students. Other paper handouts have been eliminated as well. This year we plan to have a flyerless week, to further minimize unnecessary use of paper. To compensate, we will significantly increase our online presence by, for example, making the app a central element of the week. Furthermore, vegetarian food will be the standard at every official event organized by the Eurekaweek Board throughout the whole week. Another major aim for the Eurekaweek 2021, after a successful pilot in 2019, is to start using sustainable hard cups throughout the week. Our sustainability plan further details all the points we will be working on. You can request this plan by emailing eureka@eur.nl.    

CSR statement  

The Eurekaweek Board has signed a CSR declaration that underlines the importance of sustainability and corporate social responsibility.