15 augustus 2022 - 18 augustus 2022

Qompas Job Application Training

**Dutch workshop**

The interactive exercises included in the Qompas Masterclass will prepare you for every step in the application procedure and challenge you to find out more about yourself. The Qompas Masterclass starts with a thorough self-analysis. Through interactive exercises you will discover what your competencies are. You will also learn:

  • How to make the match between the vacancy and the company in your resume and cover letter.
  • We are going to discuss a commonly used recruitment technique: the STAR method. This is a useful method you can use to easily demonstrate your competencies.

After this workshop you will think about applying for a job in a different way and put what you have learned into practice immediately!

If you participate in this Masterclass, you will receive a copy of the Qompas Application Guide and you’re going to have access to the exclusive online Qompas ApplicationTools. These tools will help you during the application procedure to prepare yourself in the best way possible.

Register for the workshop by following this link and mention “Training Eurekaweek” in the comments.