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Eurekaweek Board 2022 – Functions


As chairperson, you are responsible for managing the Eurekaweek Board. You ensure that everyone performs their tasks properly and you keep an eye on the entire process. You also maintain important contacts with departments within the university, the associations, and the municipality. In addition, as chairperson you have an overview of the entire programme, the budget, and the evaluation. For the position of chairperson, it is important that you have experience with organizing, can plan well and think in a solution-oriented way. In addition, you must be able to keep a good overview and be able to motivate and support the board members. Experience with and knowledge of the Eurekaweek is an advantage.


The treasurer is responsible for the budget, monitors income and expenditure, sends invoices and is responsible for the financial settlement of the Eurekaweek. In the beginning, the treasurer makes the budget and keeps a close eye on what the various board members want to spend on program components, acts, and gadgets. If the treasurer has the finances up-to-date, the board knows what is possible.

Internal Affairs

The Commissioner of Internal Affairs is in contact with the various departments within the Erasmus University Rotterdam and the non-profit parties. This includes the faculties, study, student social, sports and multicultural associations. These associations play a major role during the week, so you will look at their role during the Eurekaweek events together with them. You will also be involved in the faculty’s programme during the Eurekaweek and you will ensure that the university is aware of all developments. During the week, several your parties will be present, so that you play a major supporting role in many program components.

Acquisition (2x)

Commissioners of Acquisition are concerned with obtaining sponsorship money and services in return. You put together the sponsorship brochure and sponsorship packages, you approach existing contacts, and you look for new sponsors. You get in touch with both profit and non-profit companies and learn to approach them in different ways. For acquisition you are commercially oriented, and you have to be creative in finding sponsors and making deals. It is not just about bringing in money, but also about bringing in products or services that benefit the Eurekaweek.

Participants & Guides

The Commissioner of Participants & Guides is responsible for everything concerning the (potential) Eurekaweek participants and their guides. You ensure that the participants receive all the necessary information. For example, you can compose multiple mailings (emails and letters) and send them to all students who register at Erasmus University; you therefore take care of the first contact with Eureka. You are also responsible for the recruitment and training of the guides. Finally, you put together the participant groups and assign them to the guides. During the entire Eurekaweek, you are the person who answers questions from participants and guides at the Service Point.


The Commissioner of Marketing is involved, among other things, with all the printed and digital communication products that come with the Eurekaweek. Think of posters, flyers, the program booklet and the clothing for the volunteers and the board. You maintain contact with the designer and printer about the required printed matter and are therefore responsible for deadlines, numbers, colours, and designs. It is an advantage to have knowledge of design programs or to be graphically skilled, but it is not necessary. For the promotion of the week, you keep track of the different communication channels, both before and during the week. You are responsible for the various social media channels and the website, so affinity with social media is really a must for this position! You will form and supervise the Media Committee, that makes content before and during the Eurekaweek.

Events & Logistics

The Commissioner of Events & Logistics and Commissioner of Events & Crew are jointly responsible for all events during the week, giving you a good overview of the entire program. As Events & Logistics you are primarily responsible for all logistics at the events, such as power supply, fences, stage design and equipment and rental items. You will be closely involved in every event for drawing floor plans and hiring the right logistics suppliers. For Events & Logistics you have to be practical and you are able to keep an overview.

Events & Crew

As Commissioner of Events & Crew you are jointly responsible with the Commissioner of Events & Logistics for all events, so you have to keep an overview of the entire program. Whereas the Commissioner of Events & Logistics is mainly responsible for the “hard part” of the events, the Commissioner of Events & Crew is more responsible for the softer part, such as artists and show planning. In addition to organizing all events, you also take care of the crew. You will be busy with the recruitment and selection of crew members, organizing activities and crew preparations and managing the crew during the week. For this it is important that you have a good overview of what needs to be done before, during and after an event. It is also important for Events & Crew that you can keep an overview and that you can motivate people.