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Program & Latest updates

Program & Latest updates

Eurekaweek 2021

The Eurekaweek takes place this year from the 16th till the 19th of August. On this page you will find the latest updates regarding the program.

We are happy to notice that you are interested in registering for the Eurekaweek. We can imagine that you are curious to find out how the program is going to look like. We are happy to announce that we can organize the Eurekaweek in all its glory with a physical program.

The Eurekaweek consists of four key elements:

  • Getting to know the Erasmus University Rotterdam.
  • Getting to know the city of Rotterdam.
  • Getting to know the student life
  • Getting to know your new fellow students

These elements are incorporated in the various activities throughout the week. Below is explained per day what events take place on what moment and what you can expect of these events.

Sunday August 15th – International day

On Sunday 15th of August from 1PM till 3:30PM, the Eurekaweek Board 2021 will host an international welcome event for all the international participants! This event aims to provide a soft landing for the students that start studying at the Erasmus University Rotterdam from abroad and answer all their first practical questions.

🗝️Please notice: If you are joining the ‘Hatta Moving Day’, please keep in mind to pick a time slot to pick up your key after our event.🗝️

Monday August 16th – Time to explore

This is the first day of the official introduction week. During this day you will get to meet your fellow participants and guides. The day starts with a registration at ahoy. After this registration, you will meet your group at the official opening. Next you and your group are going to explore the city of Rotterdam. When you have had the chance to get a glimpse of the city, you will close the night in Rotterdam Ahoy at the Battle of the faculties. This is an epic game show in which all the faculties will battle against each other.

Tuesday August 17th – Find your path

This is the second day of the Eurekaweek. The activities during this day will mostly take place on campus. This is the moment to meet all the associations that are connected to the university. You will also discover the place where your academic career is going to take place! In the evening we will host another one of our most iconic events: the Cantus.

Wednesday August 18th – Celebrate your journey

This is already the third day of the Eurekaweek. Start your day of with a nice brunch at the one of our lunch locations. Later on this day head down to the festival. This is the moment to enjoy some music and have a meal. Here you get the chance to meet the associations and have some fun! End the day with exploring what the nightlife of Rotterdam has to offer.

Thursday August 19th – Start of a new era

This is the fourth and final day of the Eurekaweek. You probably have so many stories already about the past few days. Start the day off by sharing them with your new friends at one of our brunch locations! When you are completely recharged and ready for some action, head down to the sports and play event. Rehearse “the Rotterdam song” a last time with your group, and when you feel like you know every word, head down to the Night of The Songs for one last dance!

There is an extra event for Msc students this day. This is at the same time as the Sports & Play event.

Online Activities

There will be online activities held for students that are not able to come to the Eurekaweek physically. Additionally, in case of very restricting measures set by the government, there will be an online day for all participants. This online program will be a mix of the elements that are mentioned earlier.