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Eureka DJ

Eureka DJ 2021

Eureka DJ
This year the Eurekaweek Board chooses a Eureka DJ and Eureka Band! As the Eureka DJ you will perform several times during the parties of the Eurekaweek.

We are mainly looking for someone who knows what a party is. All styles are welcome, but experience with one of the following styles is a plus: hip hop, house, moombahton, EDM, lounge, minimal techno and deephouse. We are also looking for someone who can sense what every party needs! As a DJ you are preferably a student living in Rotterdam or with a strong connection to the city. In addition, you must be available during the Eurekaweek and the weekend before.

What do you get in return?

  • For a week you will be at the center of the Eurekaweek several times. More than 4500 students get to know you and your music! This of course ensures enormous brand awareness within Rotterdam.
  • An Eurekaweek band that gives you access to all parties and activities

Each DJ sends his / her self-made set. When all registrations and mixes have been received, the Eurekaweek will consider all registrations. Based on all registrations, we will host an online DJ competition. After this moment we will pick who is the next Eurekaweek DJ.

Conditions of the set:

  • +/- 20 minutes
  • Danceable
  • Connecting to the target group
  • You are available from 15th till 19th of August.

Sign Up
Do you already see yourself on one of the stages of the Eurekaweek? Send your demo to to eureka.events@eur.nl before May 1st. You can also send us an e-mail with questions or you can whatsapp the following number: (0104088747).