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Join the crew!


The Eureka-crew is indispensable during the Eurekaweek. As a crew member, you will support the Eurekaweek Board in the preparations and all the activities during the Eurekaweek. You are, for example, responsible for the course of events and you supervise the participants or other parties. In addition, you will provide the participants with information and help with building up the events and clean up afterwards. This will all be done while working closely with the other crewmembers and the Eurekaweek Board. In other words, organizing the Eurekaweek is not possible without our crewmembers!

Yes, I want to be crew!

If you want to become a crew member, you must take several things into account:

  • You are exclusively available from August 16th until August 19th
  • You can work in a team
  • You have a proactive attitude
  • You don’t mind to roll up your sleeves
  • Above all, you want to have a great week!

Do you have any questions? You can reach us on WhatsApp, by phone (010-4088747), or by email (beelen@eur.nl).

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