15 augustus 2022 - 18 augustus 2022

RS Zaalvoetbal

Zaalvoetbal Vereniging Rotterdamse Studenten is a futsal club for students in Rotterdam. De club has as its purpose to provide as many students in the Rotterdam region a place to play futsal next to their study. RS plays all of its home games in the sport building of Erasmus Sport, at the campus of the Erasmus University. Through the performances of the last few years the club belongs to the top of the sports associations at the Erasmus University.

The top team, RS1 in the highest regional league around Rotterdam. Next to the strongly competitive selection teams (RS1 and RS2) there are plenty of teams playing at all different levels. Last season, RS counted 12 teams. All of these teams play in official KNVB competitions, with the teams spread out through every possible division, at every different level. The matches of RS are being played on monday-, wednesday- and friday-evening. Additionally, there is a training on Thursday night, for match-playing members as well as training members. The selection teams train twice a week with a professional trainer.

Do you want to see if futsal is your sport? Are you interested in joining an open training, send an email to rszaalvoetbal@gmail.com.