15 augustus 2022 - 18 augustus 2022

NSR – Navigators Studentenvereniging Rotterdam

With around 300 members we are the biggest Christian student association in Rotterdam.

The combination of studentism and being Christian distincts us from every other student association in Rotterdam. Just like every other association we organize drinks, parties, weekend trips and gala’s. Next to these activities we also have society evenings and within disputes we have small bible groups, in which attention is paid to getting to know Jesus and following Him. These are precious moments in which you will get to know not only yourself but also others. When these activities are over we have a drink at our society where there is room to talk, but also for a lot of fun and student activities. At NSR close friendships can be made and you will get to know people that will always be there for you. The society is a home base for every member and at this place you will experience the best moments! Your triumphal process begins at NSR!


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